Our Summer Menu 

Les Entrées - Starters


The Duck Foie-Gras                   23€

Terrine of duck foie gras, jelly and peach coulis, warm brioche


The Anchovies                            21€

Vinegar anchovy from Maison Desclaux in Collioure, Piperade of vegetables confit with olive oil and thyme, fresh goat cheese with curry


The Red Tuna                              24€

Red tuna tartar, candied lemon mousse, roasted sesame, soy jelly


The Iberian Ham                         24€

Iberian ham tartelette with almonds and crushed tomatoes, Melon and Banyuls caramel


The Oysters

From Leucate, “Cap Blanc” N°3 Rye bread and salted butter, Banyuls vinegar                               

X6 :  14€    X9 :  19€   X12 :  24€


The Mackerel                                20€

Mackerel fillet marinated in Banyuls vinegar, menthol semolina, Tomato gazpacho, pepper ice cream enhanced with Espelette pepper


The Potatoe                                 19€

Terrine of potatoes with fresh goat cheese and chives, Figs and seasonal vegetables, croutons with walnut oil


The « Vegetable garden »            18€

Young shoots of various salads, farandole of vegetables and fruits cooked and raw, Balsamic fir vinaigrette         


The Edible Crab                             23€

Crumbled with vanilla olive oil, mango, tomato, and bread crisps


Vegetarian main course


The egg and the truffle                 23€

Calf egg, risotto with white summer truffle, fresh herbs emulsion


Les Poissons - The Fish


The Zarzuela                                 30€

Selection of grilled fish, white cuttlefish and mussels, parsley steamed potatoes, tomato sauce softened with fish sauce, rust crust

+ 1/2 Lobster : +15€ / + Whole Lobster : +30€


The Turbot                                      29€

Grilled turbot, vegetables rosacea candied with olive oil, Zucchini cream soup with basil, roasted pine nuts


The Parillada                                 35€

Selection of grilled fish and pell-mell of shells, accompanied by a rock fish juice, and candied vegetables

+ 1/2 Lobster : +15€ / + Whole Lobster : +30€


The Gambas                                  28€ 

Crispy, flavored with rosemary, orange vinaigrette, fennel compote, artichoke and potatoes with Espelette pepper


The Lobster (About 500g)                49€

Lobster from our tank, simply grilled à la planxa 


The Pink or Red Spiny Lobster (About 500g)

Spiny Lobster from our tank, simply grilled à la planxa

 price according to market


Les Viandes - The Meats


The Beef                                         35€

beef fillet, parmesan crumble, pan-fried mushrooms, Ail cramat (garlic), parsley and sauce with Collioure red wine


The Catalan Lamb                         36€

Rack of lamb in a spice crust, tajine style vegetables, samossa with date purée, reduced lamb juice

Le Fromage - Cheese


The Cheese Tray                         15€

Cheese tray fromagerie du Mas à Cabestany, homemade jelly « ConfiThuir »



Les Desserts  14€


Chocolate / Passion

64% dark chocolate scented with passion fruit, cocoa crumble


La Catalane

Tartlet with Catalan meringue cream with cinnamon, candied orange


The Raspberry

Puff pastry, mousse and raspberry sorbet, Mint iced tea


Le Champagne

champagne Sorbet drizzled with champagne and grated citrus


The Apricot

Roussillon apricot entremet, rosemary mousse, sorbet and apricot coulis   


The Lemon

Creamy lemon with basil heart, white chocolate crisp


ice cream & sorbets                 12€                                     (choice of 3 flavors)

Ice cream :

  • Rum raisins
  • Pistachio
  • Tiramisu
  • Salted butter caramel
  • Dark chocolate
  • Vanilla

Sorbet :

  • Apricot
  • Lemon basil
  • Raspberry
  • Green Mint
  • Exotic fruits
  • Strawberry
Origin of meat : France
Net Prices, including service - VAT 10%


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