Spring Menu



The Oysters     
From Leucate, “Cap Blanc” N°3
Rye bread and salted butter, Banyuls vinegar 
 X6 :  14€    X9 :  19€   X12 :  24€ 
The Duck Foie-Gras  23€
Terrine of duck foie gras with green apple, on a shortbread with almonds
Mackerel marinated in smoked oil and Banyuls vinegar, herring caviar
The Anchovies  22€
“Boquerones” (anchovies in vinegar)
stewed vegetables, fresh goat cheese with herbs and garlic bread crisp
The Red Tuna   24€
Raw red tuna, marinated in soy and sesame, curry and candied lemon crumble, Pickles of vegetables with ginger
The red mullet   20€
Fillet of red mullet cooked in escabèche
Fondant tomatoes with basil and red pepper, mesclun with vanilla oil 
The Gambas   25€
Giant Gambas roasted with lemongrass, velouté with coconut milk, Strawberry chutney and vegetable julienne, combawa lemon 
The Sweetbreads   22€
Tartlet with Parmesan cheese, sweetbread with hazelnut crust, stewed red onions, Green asparagus tips and morels cream            
The Egg   18€
Calf egg on a potato muslin, topped with vegetable caviar
Pea coulis with mint, bread dips with salted butter   
The Iberian Ham   26€
Plate of Iberian ham matured 36 months
Toasted country bread and organic olive oil with garlic

Vegetarian main course

Conchiglioni   21€
Conchiglioni au gratin and stuffed with candied vegetables in spicy olive oilParmesan shavings and red pepper cream

The Fish 

La Parillade  34€
Grilled fish according to the arrival
Croutons with aioli, “ail cramât” and parsley
With ½ lobster : +15€
with whole lobster : +30€
The Sea Bass   31€
Grilled sea bass, mixed fried artichoke hearts
Potato muslin with fennel, mushroom coulis, and chorizo ​​breadcrumbs    
The Monkfish   32€
Blanquette of monkfish with shellfish juice
Mini seasonal vegetables, melting potato and rice chips  
The Turbot   33€
Turbot fillet grilled on the planxa
Hollandaise Sauce with Yuzu and Caponata with pine nuts


The fish Tank

The Lobster    50€
Simply grilled a la planxa
The Spiny Lobster    85€
Simply grilled a la planxa

The Meats

Le Beef  36€
Seared fillet of beef, blini with Catalan tome
Sauce with shallot and Collioure red wine, crusty-melting potatoe  
The Catalan Lamb   36€
Rack of Xaï  in a crust of fresh herbs
Polenta with Shiitake, lamb juice flavored with rosemary

The Cheese

The Cheese Tray   16€
Selection of cheeses from La fromagerie du Mas à Cabestany

The Desserts  14€

The Dark chocolate
64% Black Chocolate Tartlet with Bailey'sAccompanied by a hazelnut praline pastry cream, salted butter caramel sauce
The Coconut
Biscuit and mascarpone mousse with coconut, heart with confit passion fruit 
The Lemon
Creamy lemon, sorbet and basil sauceCrumble with liquorice and meringue 
The Strawberry
Sparkling sugar crystalline tubeBulgarian ice cream, stewed strawberry, vanilla whipped cream  

The Ice-cups  12€

Le Champagne
Raspberry sorbet, drizzled with Champagne
Le Banyuls
Banyuls sorbet, drizzled with Banyuls marc 
Le Colonel
Lemon sorbet, drizzled with vodka
La Manzana
Green apple sorbet, drizzled with Manzana
Net Prices, including service
VAT 10%Origin of meat : France

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