Our Winter's menu

Les Entrées - Starters



The Duck Foie-Gras     23€

Terrine of duck foie gras with gingerbread, poached pear and red wine jelly


The Anchovies      22€

Vinegar Anchovies, stewed vegetables, fresh goat cheese with curry, garlic bread crisps


The Pigeon      25€

Salad of roasted pigeon fillets, quail egg, walnut vinaigrette and seasonal fruits


The Gambas      24€

Gambas grilled with lobster oil, velouté of Jerusalem artichoke Chips and mashed Vitelotte potatoes


The Oysters

From Leucate, “Cap Blanc” N°3 Rye bread and salted butter, Banyuls vinegar                               

X6 :  14€    X9 :  19€   X12 :  24€


The Egg       19€

Poached egg, beluga black lentil salad and vegetable mirepoix, brioche croutons and grilled Iberian pork belly


The Squid       21€

Grilled squid stuffed with a compote of onions and vegetables, topped with a parsley, on an almond and parmesan tartlet


The Iberian ham Bellota       26€

Plate of Iberian ham Bellota, 36 months of ripening (100g), Toasted country bread and organic olive oil


Vegetarian main course


The Ravioli      22€

Fresh goat ravioli with hazelnuts, pan fried mushrooms and velvety butternut soup with smoked oil


Les Poissons - The Fish


Bouillabaisse Colliourencque     34€

Revisited Bouillabaisse, Assortment of fish following arrival, saffron potato, rust and rock fish soup

+ 1/2 Lobster : +15€ / + Whole Lobster : +30€


The Bass      31€

Grilled bass filet, broccoli mousseline and spinach sprouts, Watercress juice and mesclun with beet oil 


Les Saint-Jacques      30€

Roasted Saint-Jacques with herring caviar, cauliflower velouté and leek compote


The Cod                                  29€ 

Cod with aioli crust, spelled risotto with chestnut chips, velvety squash and roasted pumpkin seeds


Le Vivier - The Pound


The Lobster       50€

Lobster from our tank, simply grilled à la planxa (About 500g) 


The Pink or Red Spiny Lobster   price according to market

Spiny Lobster from our tank, simply grilled à la planxa (About 500g) 


Les Viandes - The Meats


The Veal of the Pyrenees      36€

Veal medallion with black truffle and pan-fried duck foie gras, celery mousseline and crispy shallot, Collioure red wine juice


The Catalan Lamb      34€

Crispy shoulder of lamb confit and grilled chops, fondant potatoes and carrots with lamb juice

Le Fromage - Cheese


The Cheese Tray      16€

Cheese tray fromagerie du Mas à Cabestany



Les Desserts  14€


Chocolate and Mango

Dark chocolate and mango entremet, mango sorbet and crispy feuillantine


Nut and Truffle

Walnut and caramel tart with salt butter and truffle ice cream


Chestnut and Mandarin

Chestnut cream and mandarin, topped with white chocolate, candied chestnut and cocoa crumble


Irish Coffee

Irish coffee ice cream, mousse with chocolate chips, cream and coffee seeds


The iced cups      12€


The Green Apple

Green apple sorbet, with Manzana 


Le Banyuls

Banyuls sorbet, with Marc de Banyuls 

Origin of meat : France
Net Prices, including service - VAT 10%


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