La Carte


The Duck Foie-Gras  23€

Duck foie gras with fig jam, Sangria Jelly, brioche with almond flakes


The Anchovies  21€

Vinegared anchovies from Maison Desclaux in Collioure, Stuffed with an escalivade of candied vegetables with thyme, Fresh goat cheese with curry.


The Oysters

From Leucate, “Cap Blanc” N°3, Rye bread and salted butter, Banyuls vinegar.

X6 14€        X9  19€        X12  24€


The Sardine  19€

Sardine makis with smoked oil, potatoes with shallots, Zucchini and tomato confit with basil


The Ceps  26€

Cream of ceps and white summer truffles, Juice of parsley and shavings of Parmesan, gressini with ham Serrano


The Tuna  24€

Tuna tartare, semolina with mint, horseradish cake and lemon combawa


The Iberian Ham  29€

Plate of ham puro bellota D.O guijuelo, refined 48 months, Toasted bread with pan tomato, organic olive oil from Mas Boutet


Fresh Salad  18€

Vegetable mix with ginger, calf egg and cucumber sorbet & tarragon


The Turbot  29€

Fillet of turbot simply grilled, Risetti with cuttlefish ink and lime, champagne foam


The Parillade  33€

Grilled fish according to the arrival, Persillade, rust and bread with garlic, Potato Terrine with Fish Juice


The Squid  26€

Squid stuffed with vegetables, Risotto like a paëlla, Emulsion of saffron shells


The Gambas  32€

Crispy, perfumed with rosemary, orange caramel, Mousseline of green vegetables


The Lobster  49€

Lobster from our tank, Simply grilled with olive oil


The Pink or Red Spiny Lobster

On order, 48 hours in advance.

Price according to market.



The Lamb  31€

Fillet of Xaï in basil crust and pine nuts, Cassolette of vegetables with thyme


The Veal  34€

Medallion of Veal of the Pyrenees, escalope of pan-fried foie gras, Rissoles with black olive jam and black olive breadcrumbs


The Pig  29€

Grilled Iberian pig grilled with sarriette, red pepper coulis with chorizo, Mini pepper stuffed with mashed potatoes and garlic



The cheese Tray  15€

Fromagerie du Mas à Cabestany, With Organic jam from Val de Sournia


Bouchon de Saint-Arnac  12€

Fresh goat cheese flavored, Bread chips, fruit jelly, herbs with walnut oil



La Pomme  14€

Almond cookie, green apple jelly with Calvados,, Brunoise of Granny Smith apple with basil, vanilla mousse


L’Entremet Catalan  14€

Pistachio cookie, crispy with almonds, apricot confit, Aniseed mousse


Galet Choco-framboise  14€

Raspberry & chocolate mousse, raspberry confit, cocoa tile and blue poppy


The Vacherin  15€

Meringue with roasted sesame, Ice cream with olive oil, Lemon & bergamot sorbet, light cream with lime


IceCream & Sorbets (choice of 3 flavours)    12€

Ice Cream :

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Brownies
  • Catalan Cream
  • Irish Coffee

Sorbets :

  • Lemon
  • Blueberry
  • Yellow Nectarine
  • Kiwi
  • Green Mint
Origin of meat: Lamb and Veal: born, raised and slaughtered in France. Iberian pig: born, raised and slaughtered in Spain
Net Prices, including service - VAT 10%


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